Open Spaces Deluxe is now Open Spaces SE.

When we shipped the original Open Spaces, we wound up shipping a game that wasn't complete - we had reasons, but y'know, that didn't stop us from wanting to improve things.

We've been discussing this a lot, and we all feel that the game we are about to ship the next few months is the game that we wanted to ship to begin with - the game that you deserved. So while it might just be semantics at this point, we're rebranding our first ship of Open Spaces to Open Spaces Beta, and Open Spaces Deluxe to Open Spaces SE (Standard Edition).

Everyone who purchased the original Open Spaces will receive a free key on Itch to download Open Spaces SE via email, so keep an eye on your inbox. Following the ship of Open Spaces SE, Open Spaces Beta will be made available for free on Itch.

Thank you for your support of our work, and we hope you enjoy our forthcoming games!

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