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The Shadowcross: A Tale of Inner Darkness is non-combative RPG adventure game. The main character progresses through the exploration of a cemetery-like shadowy realm known as Gravewood to face the ultimate darkness that lies at its core.

Assisted by both ghosts and living residents of the land, the Traveler learns about this strange place and its sway over the human realm, and riddles shadow-based entities using wit and the gifts acquired by navigating the landscape.


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Hey there. Just FYI two of the items in your sale, this one and Return to Self - An Anxiety Management App can't be bought or downloaded or anything. Not sure if you intended it that way but thanks for the freebie on the one you can get either way.


Hi Franko! Return to Self is playable in the browser. The Shadowcross, as seen on our main page, is still in development and this is also noted in our sale page.

Thanks for reaching out! 

No problem. Just wanted to be sure you were aware. Thanks for responding.

Is this game available yet for download or claim ? :)


Hi araragi83! The status of this game is "In Development"; The Shadowcross is in the meantime available for pre-order.